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The GuestHouse on Main

Originally built in 1908, the historic home now serves as the city’s first and only guesthouse. Located in the heart of Old Town Louisville, The Guesthouse on Main offers its guests the convenience of staying just steps away from local parks, boutique shops, breweries, and restaurants.

Situated on a beautifully manicured corner lot, The GuestHouse on Main features five bedrooms and five baths, as well as, event space both indoors and outdoors. 

Southerners at heart, with a passion for accommodating  and entertaining guests, Kevin and Char enjoy hosting Louisville’s visitors, friends and family of the community, and events in the property’s intimate venue space.

Kevin & Charlene Givens in front of The GuestHouse on Main

Our Story

While visiting Old Town Louisville in the summer of 2018, Kevin and Char Givens fell in love with its charm, small town feel, and sense of community. Their twins, Emma & Elliott loved biking around town to enjoy the Art Walk, Street Faire, Farmers Market, and all the beautiful parks.

Upon their return to Memphis, and after much soul-searching, the Givens family decided to return to Old Town Louisville and begin their search for a forever home. While it was a beautiful summer in Colorado with much to see and do, especially in downtown Louisville, the family still found themselves with one slight dilemma~ accommodations.

As avid travelers, the family had always looked for B&Bs, Boutique Inns, and those places that made every outing walkable. Despite that, the family found themselves hopping from one hotel chain to another with lots of Uber expenses to Old Town in-between. All the while, they wished for the simplicity to just stay locally rather than returning to the standard room, next to a busy highway, that awaited them. It was in that moment that Kevin and Char saw a need in the charming Old Town they had already begun to call home.

In the fall of 2019, while strolling down Main Street to the annual Labor Day Parade, the family spotted a beautiful historic home for sale. Shortly after touring the property, Kevin and Char realized they had finally found the missing piece needed to fulfill their life-long dream~opening a historic guesthouse. 

Now three years later, The Guesthouse on Main has hosted visitors from all over the country and every event from weddings to baby shower brunches to celebrations of life. 


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